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Hair by Kim Alternative Hair Solutions LLC


3920 Crosshaven Drive Suite 212

Cahaba Heights, AL 35243

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Tuesday 9am-5pm |  Wednesday 8am-5pm  |  Thursday 9am-5pm  |  Friday 8am-4pm  |  Saturday 9am-3pm

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Kim Laslo has been my stylist for three years, and I credit her for getting my hair to its "happy place!"  Despite years of having my hair done by "renowned" stylists, my hair was over processed, fragile, damaged, and too "fake looking."  After several months with Kim, my hair went from lifeless to lustrous, and from "fake looking" to FAB!  I've received more compliments on my hair since going to Kim than in my entire life.  She helped me work with the hair that I have, to get me to the place that looks best for me.  I love my hair; I love Kim; and I would never dream of using anyone else. (And as an added bonus-she is an absolute sweetheart who I am honored to call a dear friend) Love love love Kim Laslo!!!




Jamie Tarence, Birmingham, AL

Editor of familysavvy.com


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Tuesday 9am-5pm

Wednesday 8am-5pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 8am-4pm
Saturday 9am-3pm




Hair by Kim Alternative Hair Solutions LLC

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3920 Crosshaven Drive Suite 212 Cahaba Heights  AL  35243

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