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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Women in Alabama. We can offer you the Best Hair Replacement in Birmingham.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement is a Hair Loss Solution available for women who want a long-lasting Hair Alternative without needing Hair Restoration Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama.

We offer Bondable Partial Hair Systems for women and Bondable Full Hair Systems for Advanced Stage of Hair Loss here at Hair by Kim.

Jon Reanu Get Real Bondable Women’s Hair Systems adhere to the skin for a secure feeling to get you feeling like you again. The innovative base design provides comfort and creates a very natural looking hairline.

Kim Laslo – a Alternative Hair Expert in Alabama can cut in and style your new Alternative Hair to achieve your old look or maybe you might be ready for a totally new, modern on-trend look.


Hair by Kim  | Women's Hair Replacement Birmingham




Women's Hair Replacement Alabama

Regardless of your stage of Women’s Hair Loss, we are here to help you with your hair transformation.

We are all different - not all Women’s Hair Loss is the same.


Some may be due to Natural Hair Loss while others might be due to Medical Hair Loss, such as Alopecia Hair Loss, Cancer Hair Loss, Chemotherapy Hair Loss, Radiation Treatments, Trichotillomania or even Auto Immune Diseases

Kim Laslo is a Birmingham Alternative Hair Expert and can help you choose the Best Bondable Women’s Hair System for you. She can apply it for you in a private setting, customize it, and cut-in a style that fits your needs and lifestyle.


Hair by Kim Non-Surgical Women’s Hair Replacement Systems


Our Hair Replacement Systems are made with exclusive European human hair. We use high quality real Human Hair that is lightweight and allows for great breathability and comfort. Alternative Hair Systems custom cap stitching lines allow the Alternative Hair Specialist to customize the base size to meet your needs and personal look.

We use the Best Women’s Hair Replacement Systems, provided by the Best Alternative Hair Manufacturer in the industry Jon Renau.

If you are looking for a Non-Surgical Women’s Hair Replacement System in Alabama, please contact us for a complementary Hair Loss Solution consultation.


We are professionally trained in Women’s Hair Systems. We understand what you are going through and are here for you. Your privacy and confidentiality are our top priority. Come visit us to see our Private Alternative Hair Salon.

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