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Alternative Hair Solutions

We are a Private, Alternative Hair Salon. We only work with Alternative Hair.

Hair by Kim features the most attractive and natural looking Custom Human Hair Wigs & Toppers in Birmingham, Alabama. We offer Alternative Hair Solutions to meet your personal needs and situation.

Nothing quite boosts your self-confidence like a full head of luxurious beautiful hair. It’s what women want, it's what we all want. I've got this for you - I’m your girl to make you feel better about yourself.

Maybe you want something new? Maybe you want to try a new hair style or perhaps you need to replace the luster and length you’ve lost to natural Thinning Hair or even due to Medical Hair Loss.

Let’s get you looking good and feeling your best. You’ll feel comfortable and welcome in my full-service Private Salon as we work out a custom Hair Loss Solution for your specific needs and get you into a High-Quality Custom Fitted Wig or Topper - available in Human Hair, Synthetic Hair or HD Heat Defiant Hair.

We feature Women's Wigs and Toppers from Jon Renau, one of the Best Wig manufacturers in the world.

At Hair by Kim, we offer Custom Fitted and Sized Wigs for our ladies made with real Human Hair. 

We also offer high quality Synthetic Hair Wigs and HD - Heat Defiant Wigs to meet your needs and budget.

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Jon Renau SmartLace Human Hair Wigs

Alternative Hair Solutions

Our stylish custom cut Wigs in Birmingham are made for style, as well as for your Natural Hair Loss or Medical Hair Loss needs.

When you get fitted for one of our Human Hair Wigs or Synthetic Hair Wigs, no one will know it is not your natural hair, even your closest friends and loved ones.

I take pride in creating Custom Toppers & Hairpieces that are natural and realistic looking, carefully designed to balance with your facial features and complement your overall look.

Advances in ultra-thin lace front wigs will create a very natural and almost undetectable hairline.

Human Hair Lace Front Wigs have each hair hand tied to the lace creating the illusion of a natural-growing hairline. The finely woven lace front conforms to the shape of your head, for a comfortable secure fit – you'll feel like it was made just for you - because it was made just for you.

Take on your day with complete confidence knowing that your hair looks beautiful and most importantly, it looks natural and suits you.

Let’s get you feeling like you again in my Private Alternative Hair Salon.

Jon Renau SmartLace Human Hair Toppers